Linq query for sheet name

I have one folder having 7 xslx file with all different name.e.g (A ,B ,C,D,E,F,G)

i have another file in which i having 7 sheets with same name e .g(A,B,C.D,E,F,G)

I want to copy data from file “A” and want to paste in sheet name “A” and same for all rest of files.

i think this can be done in assign activity by linq query…can any one tell me this linq query?

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use assign activity

arr_files=directory.getfiles(“FolderPath”).orderby(Function(x) x.tostring).toarray

use for each for the arr_files

inside use read range for reading the each excel file

below that use write range activity for writing the back to excel

in the sheetname pass the values as Path.getfilenamewithoutExtension(currentItem)

you cannot write this by using linq query


Linq query is basically to iterate and do modifications in a datatable or any structured data

But this looks more like data preparation in excel file so let’s do with simple excel based activities

Hope the below steps would help you resolve this

  1. For this use a assign activity like this

arr_of_files = Directory.GetFiles(“your folderpath”)

Where arr_of_files is a variable of type array of string

  1. Now use a For each loop for this step where pass the above array variable as input and change the type argument as string

Inside the for each loop use READ RANGE WORKBOOK ACTIVITY and pass filepath as item.ToString and get the output as datatable named dt

Inside the same loop as a next activity use WRITE RANGE WORKBOOK ACTIVITY and pass input as dt and enable add headers and mention sheetname as Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtention(item.ToString)

This loop will do the stuff you want

Hope this helps

Cheers @Hemant_Deshmukh

we can extend the statement to

taken from: [HowTo] - First Start with LINQ (VB.Net)

and are not bound to datatable or structured data. As long there is a LINQ provider (to Object, to XML, given by Newtonsoft for JSON…) available for us we can use LINQ

So a crosscheck with this rule in mind we do see, that the typical UiPath Excel related Activities are not offered within a LINQ ready usage.

So we recommend to go essential or within a hybrid approach

but its showing flowing error.

cannot be converted to “data table”.the selected value is incompatible with property type

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use dt1 As it is a datatable datatype and remove toString

You are about to write a datatable variable named dt to an excel file

Write range activity accepts datatable as input

So we don’t need it to be converted from datatable to string with .tostring

Have only dt instead of dt.ToString


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