Linq in Data Tables

I need to join two tables using linq,

Dim vLINQ = (From DT1 In vDT1.AsEnumerable
            Join DT2 In vDT2.AsEnumerable
            On DT1.Field(Of String)("Key") Equals DT2.Field(Of String)("Key")
            Select new with
               .Key = DT1.Field(Of String)("Key"), 
               .Data1 = DT1.Field(Of String)("Data1"), 
               .Data2 = DT1.Field(Of String)("Data2"),
               .Data3 = DT2.Field(Of String)("Data3"), 
               .Data4 = DT2.Field(Of String)("Data4")

I used assign activity to achive this. UIPath showing error as

Option Strict On disallows late binding.

how I can Use this type of LINQ in UIPath?


Did you find any answer for this.?

Hi @Divyashreem,
Refer this Post Join Two Data table



i need to join 3 tables here, and i had written linq query but it is throwing an error

i got the solution thank you

Hi Divya,
Can you share the solution

Linq didnt, work for me as well, i used simple 3 for loops one inside the other.

Hi Divya,
Can you post the solution.

i have used For loop inside another for loop that’s all.

Using Linq is possible for joining 3 data table. Please find the below sample query.

(from a in Company1 join b in Company2 on a (“EMPId”).Tostring() equals b (“EMPId”).Tostring() join c in Company3 on c.(“EMPId”).Tostring() equals b.(“EMPId”).Tostring()) select a)

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I have two datatables with huge volume of data around 2 Lakhs (Min) in datatable 2 and around 1 lakh data in datatable 1. I need to compare three columns in two datatables , if all the values in two datatable matches, (account) column value from datatable 2 needs to be updated in the account column in datatable 1.Since the query is wrote is taking too much time. Help me to find a solution for this.