JsonArray to Datatable

have a look on this block

"data ": [{
		"date": "09 - OCT - 2018 ",
		"initial_date": "29 - APR - 2018",
		"country": "India",
		"report": "Report",
		"id": ""

Here we do have an array. If additional element would occur then it could be the case that it comes into another structure or violate the strcture. So it has risk to disturb a fixed horizontal column structure

In such a scenario a more generic column structure is to suggest. An example could look like this:

so unforseen structures can be later deeper parsed as we do store the JSON string e.g.product_indication

Also this structure can be transformed into the structure of your EXCEL if the processed structure is consistent for all records

Find demo XAMl here
hemal.xaml (17.1 KB)

As I was forced to correct your JSON (it was not valid by copy and paste) run the XAML against my JSON file from here
data.json (673 Bytes)

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