Joining pdfs in Uipath

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Can anyone tell me how to join pdfs in a specific order ( as we like)?


Hi @Praveen_Gupta_SDC_Ko,

Go to manage packages and download ‘UiPath.PDF.Activities’, one of the new acitivies is ‘Join PDF Files’. You have to enter an array of the full paths to the PDF files and an output path (don’t forget to name the file with .pdf).

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Hi Astin, thanks for your response. However please note that through join activity I can merge the pdfs in the same sequence in which they are disclosed in a particular folder. But I want to know if we can merge these in the order what we want?

They should merge in the order you have them arranged in the array

Hi @Praveen_Gupta_SDC_Ko

Use Merge PDF Files Activity.

1.Input-> Source files-> pdf files path.

2.Output → Output file-> Enter output pdf file path along with file name as shown in image to create merged file with this name in the given path.

Kommi Jeevan.

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