Integration of Microsoft Teams with UiPath

Hi Team, I want to upload a excel file on the Microsoft Teams application through UiPath studio. How will I do that. If anyone have a solution this then please help me…Thanks


Check below post for your reference

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We can access Microsoft Teams using either of the following activities package.

Directly access

via UiPath Integration Service


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Hi @Rajneesh_Kumar

Follow these steps-

  1. Install the “Microsoft Teams” package in UiPath Studio. You can do this by going to the “Manage Packages” option in the “Activities” panel and searching for “Microsoft Teams” in the “Official” package source.
  2. Once the package is installed, use the “Microsoft Teams Scope” activity to establish a connection to your Microsoft Teams account. Provide the necessary credentials and authentication details.
  3. Inside the “Microsoft Teams Scope” activity, use the “Upload File” activity to upload the Excel file. You can specify the file path of the Excel file that you want to upload, as well as the channel or chat where you want to upload it.
  4. Optionally, you can also configure additional settings such as the display name of the uploaded file, whether you want to notify users about the upload, and any comments you want to add.
  5. Save and run your UiPath automation workflow to upload the Excel file to Microsoft Teams.

There is no Microsoft Teams package available in the Official.

Search for UiPath.MicrosoftTeams.Activities under All Packages and see.

If you want to upload a file to Teams, you need to use Office 365 activities - the Teams files are actually stored in SharePoint.

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Thanks @Nitya1 for the solution.

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