If excel column contains red color cell

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I have an excel with 2 columns. i want to send an email only when the 2 nd column contains any red colored cell / or text as “error” .

how can i achieve it.

@oshan I guess you can try these Simple Steps:

  1. Use Read Range Activity and Get the Datatable Output say DT.

  2. Use this Expression in an If Activity :
    DT.Select(“[Column 2] = ‘error’”).ToArray.Count >0
    In the Then Block
    You can send an Email

Where Column 2 Should be your Column Name.

Check if it Works.


Hope this link may help you, @oshan


Hi, I used the below.
ResultDt.Select(“Result like ‘%エラー%’”).ToArray.Count >0

but getting this error. DO you have any idea
message": “If: Cannot find column [‘].”,

@oshan Do you have a Column with the name Result ?


Yes , it has the column

@oshan Have you Checked Add Headers in Read Range Activity ?

yes its checked

@oshan In that Case Check if the “Result” has Extra Spaces with it.

yes, i checked that too. no space

@oshan That is Strange :sweat_smile: , Can you Send the Screenshot of the Workflow as to look at how you have built the design.


dont know the root cause. so i changed as below using filter . its working now.

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@oshan Great :smiley:. Just for Confirmation, Can you show what was Condition that you have provided in the Filter Wizard.

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here エラー in valueis “Error” in japanese.

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