If a row matches with a specific value then get the rest of the rows at the same "level"

I have a file with names.

The first step I know how to do. First I only keep the column “Name” then i remove duplicates so I only have the names “Dave”, “Steve” and “Peter”. Now i have 3 transactions to work with.

I then want based on these 3 names to first focus on “Dave”.

Then I need to use the original file(image above) and match all the “Dave”(Yellow) and get all the information that is at the same “level”(Green)(see image below)
… into another Datatable where i will need to perform some calculations. This new Datatable will be dynamic which means that the content will change between the transactions.

After this i need to continue with “Steve” and do the same thing.
Im thinking i need to use the “For Each Row” Activity or something similar to loop through the names.

Can someone help me.

Find starter Help here:
Atomic_DTSplit.xaml (10.8 KB)

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All what you need is Invoke Code and use DataTable Select Function (VB.NET DataTable Select Function - Dot Net Perls) :wink:

Hi @atomic,

To remove duplicate you can use this

To filter data check this one.

Finally use read range. you will get the result.

Thank you

Thank you yet again, I will try this out at and reply how it went.

For the moment it looks good.

I really need to sit down and read about LINQ.

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