I would like to rename the sheet users-2020-04-27-063645 (which has the date changing every day by a simple title: users)

I would like to rename the SHEET “users-2020-04-27-063645” (which has the date changing every day by a simple title: “users” ) . Thanks to your help

check this post:

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@Al_Bert - You can use StudioX features in Studio, after selecting StudioX in filter option under activities…


Hi @Al_Bert

Can you please download “BalaReva.Excel.Activites” in manage packages, that would be help to rename the spread sheet.

Happy Learning :slightly_smiling_face:

OK, thanks anyone but the file changes everydays (and all proposals are to a classique sheet name) and I want to have just “users” in sheet name.

The original sheet : “users-2021-04-27-063645”
I want to : “users”

First Get sheet names:

xl_wb =  New ClosedXML.Excel.XLWorkbook(File_Name)

Sheets = xl_wb.Worksheets

//xl_wb  As ClosedXML.Excel.XLWorkbook

//Sheets As ClosedXML.Excel.IXLworksheets

//File_Name  As System.String

Then use variable parameters to rename existing sheet using:


Important: This code works ony with .xlsx files

I don’t see how to integrate all this !! :pensive:

Hi all,

I answered the question myself,

I went through an ASSIGN, a VAR in workbook.GetSheets (0) and a Rename Work Sheet with this VAR

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