I had excel in storage bucket , i want to read that excel . but in studio the read storage data is in string format . how can i convert to datatable

i had excel file in storage bucket.
i had used read storage file with path and storage name. but my output is in string format.

i need to convert into excel data ,. any help??

As per my understanding, we need to download the excel file from the storage bucket and then read it as excel to access data inside the excel.

You can use download storage file activity for this. Hope it helps.

Hi @Mithesh_Reddy_Bolla,

There 2 things here that you can do:

  1. Either use download file activity for storage bucket to download that excel file, once downloaded, read it using read range activity under excel application scope like normal excel file as suggested by @sangeethaneelavannan1 also. This would store the result in data table.

  2. You can consider using Json format instead of excel file, read or using using read storage text, deserialize json, and then build table from that json.
    For this, refer below link on how to convert json object to datatable.

You can try either of these approaches but main question is which option is worth the efforts?

If I may ask, why are you considering storing file on storage bucket, which file is this(config file or input file) and is it a mandate to have it in excel format itself?