I am expected to get 0 as output but I am getting 1 as my Output in Excel operation

Super bro Working Good How much time It would took for 1000 rows

it will be very quick for even 20000 rows bro. in one of my project it took seconds to process more than 20k rows.

Wow its Amazing to hear will check it and update to You

ok good to hear it is working for you. wherever i am having more than thousand of rows i am using this autofill method to auto fill the values with excel formulas taking very less time to process and also it will work in the excel itself we no need to get the data in the data table and modify store in the data table after write range i found some issues earlier.

For your information whatever logic we are using it will internally loop and process the steps even linq also will loop internally to do the process. thanks.

getting Some of the values like this…Instead of 0 it comming as -9.53674E-07

i think some values having different formats. Could you try with the following formula mentioned by @Srini84 =IF(A2=B2,0,1). if you still faces issues you could also try with the solution provided by @Palaniyappan

I have to assign three variables inside the for each loop

I have to add adddataRow

Just one assign is fine @Gopikrishna_S

No not really this assign will assign the value to the final column
And outside to the for each row loop we are having write range which will write it back to excel

As simple as that


Bro May I reach You in Linkedin Because issue still now not resolved