How to transpose row to column in datatable?

Hi, I have an example datatable here.

I want to change row to column. It looks like here.
How can I do this?


First read the data store it separate variable like No = datatable[0][Column2]
Sex = datatable[1][Column2] like that for all then
Create one datatable with the format that you want like No Sex Name Birthday then add one row this the above values


hello @saintseiyer
You can add all values in a list and than use add data row activity to add in a table please check the below workflow for better understanding
Coltorows.xaml (16.4 KB)

Hello @saintseiyer

I have recently published an UiPath activity pack which includes a data transpose activity. You can easily get your data transposed as you need using this single activity.
Make sure to go through the activity guide document on how it can be configured… :slight_smile:


Dears, I want the inverse , Possible?

Use the same activity I mentioned above… :slight_smile:

Thanks Lahiru.Fernando

Her’s my Input and Target Output :

Thanks in Advance

Hi @Lahiru.Fernando
I used your activity for data transpose and its perfectly working. Because of this activity my workflow is looks simple, Thank you very much and keep it up…



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