How to show output array of string as int32

just created for each output as increment and output is diplayed as
as i have 4 values in the array thats why i got upto 3


Can you please show us the properties panel of the For Each activity?

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what is increment? is it a variable? coz i followed the same steps. still does not work.


now use log message with arrayitems(variable1) and before the assign activity

Or assign variabl1 to the index property in the for loop and it automatically incremrnts then no need of assign as well



yes its a variable and created foreach output



the output was missing! I only had to put it to Int32. But now its showing as 1 and then 2 upon debug instead of 0 then 1. I have Int32 set to 0 as default value.

ok dismiss got it working now. it was setting value to 1 as first. the assign should be after the first iteration.

remove that mutiple assign
if you use it the output will come as 1 and 2 instead of 0 and 1


I clearly mentioned to use it before assign activity and you are on point having it after :sweat_smile:

Happy Automation. Glad you figured.It s always good when you find it you


To be honest, Nitya confused me more than it actually is. She did not specify to insert the Index output in the properties panel which prolonged the process. All that was needed was one Int32 variable to be set to 0 and one assign to increment by 1. I was expecting this to be solved with one answer. It got to more than a dozen lol. Answers should be concrete and show everything not only one part of what’s going on. Thankfully, I write my own documentation for expressions, string manipulations and errors that may arise so that I can reference them in case I encounter any issues.

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