How to reverse the sign of the numbers present in the cell in datatable

I have a datatable which contains number in column b , column c , column d. I have to change the sign of numbers means if the value is 50 then I should convert it into -50.
I have to do this on specific rows . Like for row 2 change the signs for all the numbers present in row 2 means of column b, column c , column d

Hi Karan,

  1. Filter original data table to get only these 3 columns in a new data table.
  2. you can multiply specific row values with -1 and save it in the new data table for the required columns 1 by 1.
  3. Delete the 3 columns from original data table.
  4. Add columns from new data table to specific position in original data table using set ordinal method.

Hope this helps…