How to read the specific data in pdf

Tkn for reply.
It is throwing error.

it is not error. In mesage box use the output variable and mention the index also, like this



that transaction is different

What is the version of uipath you are using?

This is the version and in the “((?<=Order Party )\w+)” the out put is showing first letter only not the full name.

What is the format of order party? Can you share one example

\w only read word characters

The matches activity you are using looks different than mine. I am also using the same uipath version


The one that I am using has regex builder which is very helpful while building regex expression and testing it. Refer the screenshot

Plz check you mail i forwarded the pdf file

Try this

Extract Information from PDF.xaml (29.0 KB)

Tnks for the support and i will check and let u know

@Harish_pavuluri Is it working?

thank u i an working on it.

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