How to read Emails with current date from Gmail Account

Hi , I want to read emails from my GMAIL account which i received on current date , how can that be done ?Can anyone help me

Hi @shaileshpathak, may I know what Get mail activity you are using?

Hey @shaileshpathak

You can download the gmail activities :


Then use the Get Mails activity (you have to place it inside a Gmail Scope


Now all you need to do is use the following Query in the propreties of the Get Mails Activity :


It should recover only the current day mails.

Please tell me if it worked :slight_smile:


Hi @Cosmin_Mandoc - what details do i pass in Gmail Scope ? It asks for Certificate info and Client Secret .

Thanks !

I am using IMAP mail messages activity and trying to read Gmail emails for current day .

You can go for the Get Google Mails activity as @Cosmin_Mandoc suggested. If you are using IMAP Mail messages, you can only filter your mails after getting it. This might be helpful.

And what you want to get is mail.Headers[“Date”]

Hope this helps

@shaileshpathak have you figured the properties to be filled in the scope?

do share the workflow if possible.


Hi, I write my gmail acc in Gmail scope. But the Get Mails always give me 0 mail in counting result. Could you help me?

Does this link help you :