How to know check box is checked or not in excel

how to know checkbox is checked or not in excel



Use Get attribute activity.

My Excel is xlsx. Using get attribute I cannot indicate check box for the selector. This show to indicate the whole.

Hi @sithulinhtut,

Please find the below methods.

  • Method1: Using Macro. Please check the below link. You can write a Macro and use Invoke Macro Activity to implement it.

    Macro to Read Checkbox

  • Method2: Use Image Exist Activity.

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Hello Sir. Can you show the workflow of using Macro.

You just need two activities to execute macro.

  • Excel Application scope
  • Invoke VBA. You need to write your Macro code in a text document. And need to mention the path here and Macro name here.


thanks Bro. Now I got it. Thanks for your help.