How to Copy Transpose excel table data

Hai All, Please Help me

I have data table like below

I want to do

  1. delete the PrevSettle Column
  2. delete ROW “average” empty cell
  3. Copy Transpose

The output I want is like this


i hope i can solve this

Hi @Mulya_Habibi_Tullah1

First you need to Read the input excel file.

And you need to Use Filter Data Table activity → You this As an Input DataTable.

Try with this below

  • you can use the Copy/Paste Range activity to transpose Excel data or data table.

  • You need to provide the source range and the destination range where you want to paste the transposed data.

  • You also need to check the Transpose option in the activity properties

Check out this docs

Check out this Tutorial


Hi Mulya,
Have you tried below?

  1. Lets assume your Data Table name is sourceDT.
  2. Build another Data Table with two columns (product & average) named destinationDT.
  3. Loop through each row of sourceDT and if column 3 <> emply, then take that row and uppend destinationDT.
  4. Copy data from destinationDT to excel using Write Range.
  5. Use Excel Activity Scope and open the excel file.
  6. Copy range and paste transpose at your desired location.
    “For each row in Data table” and

Hi @Mulya_Habibi_Tullah1,

You can do the following steps in UiPath to achieve your goal:

  1. Read the Excel file: Use the “Excel Application Scope” activity to read the Excel file.
  2. Delete the PrevSettle column: Use the “Remove Data Column” activity to remove the PrevSettle column. Set the column index or column name as per your requirement.
  3. Delete the row with empty cell in “average” column: Use the “Filter Data Table” activity to filter the rows with empty cell in “average” column. Then, use the “Remove Data Row” activity to remove those rows.
  4. Copy transpose: Use the “Transpose Data Table” activity to transpose the remaining data in the table. This will swap the columns with rows.
  5. Write the new data to Excel file: Use the “Write Range” activity to write the transposed data back to the Excel file.

The “Transpose Data Table” activity is not a built-in activity in UiPath. However, you can install the UiPath.MicrosoftOffice.Activities package