How to change Excel cell font color

Any best way to change excel cell font color?

Did you try “Set Range Color” activity
or check this.


Set Range Color” is used to fill color in cell…I am looking to change font color of text. please suggest

Oops my bad. :stuck_out_tongue:
You can achieve this using “send hotkey” unless you don’t want to use Excel activities.

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I was seeing this post (excelcampus link) as well. I tried this. it’s not working where we need to press arrow key to choose color using send hot keys. Please suggest?
It’s really weird process to change text font color using lot of send hot keys…not sure any other way as well?

Any way to increases cell length and width as well?

Here we go. (9.2 KB)

to change cell length and width you can again use these shortcut keys and pass the value.
Alt,O,R,E is the keyboard shortcut to open the Row Height window.

Alt,O,C,W is the keyboard shortcut to open the Column Width window.

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Thanks you. it’s working as expected. But i have a question… In your program, under “Type Into” element, where you mention “fc[k(down)][k(enter)]”, How you are able to add below selector? or how you came to know that we need to add below selector.
“ctrl name=‘Font’ role=‘tool bar’ /”

Suppose, i would like to use ALT + HDS command, what selector i need to use? and how can i get it?

Actually, here’s my requirement, i would like to select multiple worksheets and the delete those selected ones.

Ans is UiExplore.
It’s an advanced tool that enables you to create a custom selector for a specific UI element.

To use Alt+HDS just make sure your focus on the target application. And use UiExplore to find out the reliable selector and just do trail&error until you get best suited attribute which works all the time.As days goes on you know which selector to choose and when to choose. :slight_smile:
In your case this will work.
wnd app=‘excel.exe’ cls=‘XLMAIN’ />

@ddpadil… How can we change font color in word document. I mean if a match is found i want to add color to the text in word document.

Hi @ashok_sharma,

it is a late post. But It may useful to others. I saw thread that to change the font color inside excel . Here is the link.


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hi there, I found an alternate way, please check this and let me know if it helped: