How can i Extract the entire folder hierarchy

1/ Other question : i notice that when the folder is empty its not write on excel, i need to have all the names folders even when they are empty

2/ ok so i can do the same with sharepoint ?
If yes i need the tenant ID and other information to my IT departement ?

you can write the name of the folder even it is empty

yes but the bot doesnt do that so far


you need to use condition

like if count=0
Then assign foldername to a variable

you can access the sharepoint folder files using UiPath Activities

hope this helps

can you show me how can i do plz ?


foldercase.xaml (14.8 KB)

Hope this helps

its not working i have the same result, i don’t have the main folder where there is nothing inside

your folder has more than 5 levels
you can edit at build data table add 1 level


create a dummy folder and try with that it will work


i added more that 15 level in the data table


That’s what i did, i create folder with no files inside and i can’t see it in the excel file

number of columns is same number of levels in your folder
but if it not permanent, we need use dynamic variable



For me its working with empty files in a folder

hope this helps

its not working for me, as u can see there is a folder “test” and i can’t see it in the excel file because the folder is empty


i added many column to not have this issue but now i need to have all the folders with the extraction not only when there is a file inside

I want to know if the folders you need to get have a fixed number of levels?
if yes please tell me your folder structure, for example tree

its better to have dynamic variable, but for now i have 13 levels, but maybe i will have more levels later


can you check the below code and follow the steps and place values in the add datarow

Main.xaml (17.2 KB)

ok i understand volatility will be ok with any level, if your current is 13 then you can leave 13 columns,
it’s evening in vietnam, i’m going to think about how to use volatility with all levels,
For now, to solve it urgently, you can use 13 columns temporarily, I will respond soon

i don’t know what to put into “ArrayRow”