Hide Excel rows base on condition

Hi, I want do hide the rows if column A contains #N/A (i.e. A4,A5,A7,A8). Can someone help me with this? Thank you.

hi @Katrina

please refer from this post

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Thank you for your suggestion. But for my case, how should I amend the expression?

(From idx In Enumerable.Range(0,dtData.Rows.Count)
Where dtData.Rows(idx)(YourColumnNameOrIndex).toString.Trim.StartsWith(YourFilterString)
Select idx + YourOffset).toArray

here you got the template, are your replacing all the values from your values? like column name, you dt variable, filter

and remember after that to get youroffset which is explained here

I have tried to amend it, but it doesnt work. Actually my excel has a filter but there is no table. I used the read cell activity instead of read range and I got an error of (Object reference not set to an instnace of an object). Is there any way to solve it? Thank you.