Group column by name

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I need to extract the datatable from the Excel and to collect the equal names in the column “Ragione sociale/BU”.
I need to group equal names in the column , so group the values in the column “Ragione sociale/BU”.
How to do that?
Can you please share a xaml?



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Hi @CamiCat,
How are you ? After a long time… Is it possible to read the data into the datatable and do the group by using the below activity.


hello @Palaniyappan,

I need to order the datatable by column value.
The group function deletes some rrows.
How to do that?

@camicat - Can you expand what you mean by “group equal names” - specifically, what do you mean by group? Also, later on you say you want to order the datatable by column value. Is that a separate question?

Can you provide an example input and the expected output?

Hi @CamiCat,

Below is the Sample it take the Sub-group and compute the MAX

attached the Below Script (18.5 KB)

Sanjay Shankhla