From Excel Datas to E-mail Html Body

Hello all,
i want to send a table as you can see the picture below. It should be seeing like that.
and my excel is like that.

I’m using send exchange mail activity. Can you help me how can i do like that and if it is possible can you explain step by step. And also i have more than 1 sheets.

Thank you.

Hi @yigit.aybey ,

Check the Below Post which helps you in Conversion from Datatable to Html Table format :

The Output would be a String which you could then use to append to the body of the mail.

The Configuration of the Send Exchange Email Body Activity Should have Property IsBodyHtml Checked (Enabled).


I got this error.

my code

my_table => Read Range output variable
Read Range => Reading excel files

@yigit.aybey , In the R.H.S of the Assign Activity remove HtmlBodyStr=

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it worked very well.
thanks for your help.

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