Find time difference between 2 dates


I need to find time difference between 2 dates with the format :

dd.MM.yyyy HH:MM:SS → This is the Format I have in Excel Sheet in one 2 Columns Representing Dates ( Date 1 & Date 2 )

dDys hHrs mMins sSec → This is the Format I need to have at the end after subtracting Date2 from Date1 )

Thanks in advance


Did we check with this thread

We can combine all those individual conversion and concatenate the string with space in the middle so that you get the expected output format

Cheers @hsendel

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Thanks a lot @Palaniyappan for usual support, Indeed I cross such info previously, I just didn’t find it now :slight_smile:

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Glad it got resolved


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I’ve opened new topic where I need to color rows text based on one condition, I use “Change formatting” but it takes too much time

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