Execute Jupyter notebook(.ipynb) script in UiPath

Hello Everyone,

I have a requirement to execute a Jupyter Notebook script through UiPath. I was able to do it through Command prompt using jupyter nbconvert --to notebook --execute mynotebook.ipynb command. I have been reading the option of using Invoke Python Activity through API interface. I have used Invoke Python activity for .py scripts which has defined invoke method and input argument to pass it in the activity but I am not able to follow same approach with Jupyter Notebook. Can someone explain me how to use Invoke Python Activity in case of .ipynb script?


You can install UiPath Python package and then run Python script.


Example flow to run Python scrip

In above example flow, You gave me the example of Python script(.py file). But i need to understand how do I execute Jupyter Notebook (.ipynb file).

In above example, I need to pass Method name in Invoke Python Method activity. My Jupyter Notebook doesnt have method which I can use.

You can refer to the link below for more examples.