Email filtration with contains logic


My objective is to filter only the records containing datasheet for as the actual subject line is datasheet of 1st December and so on for everyday. so here the only keyword which is common is datasheet for

I tried using “[Subject]=‘datasheet for’” filter in Get outlook Main Messages but it is exactly matching the words, where as i need to filter all the records whose subject line contains datasheet for

If you are able to retrieve the mail, then it is working fine right?? Can you explain what is the issue you are facing?

May be you are retrieving only unread mails or even without checking the unread mails check box in the property, may be you are mentioning the number of mails to retrieve. Check these :slight_smile:

Sure, the issue is, My email Subject like be like below -
datasheet for 1st December
datasheet for 2nd December
datasheet for 3rd December
and so on

Now I want all results which contains datasheet for keyword, by this way the rest of the subject will be dynamic

Please refer the Screenshot.



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This one i did it.

I wanna filter it in initial phase, like just after or while retrieving email.

It’s working for the first mail right? Can you post the screenshot of the get mail activity properties

Hi @indrajit.shah

This might be helpful.


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