Drop datatble

How to Drop(means delete all table) Datatable Which created using Extract Structured Data Activity.
Note : i have to not clear datatable drop that datatable


Hi @Urvin_Sanghavi
We have an activity Clear Datatable to clear all the values of data-table.

@jitendra_123 i have to not clear datatable i have to delete datatable.

Hi @Urvin_Sanghavi

Check this


U can use Dtable.Clone()

Ashwin S

Datatable is a variable and not a value
So if we just ignore using that variable it’s more than enough
We can define that variable within a small scope so that it can’t be used away from it and to set that in the variable panel we got a column named scope where we can set that value
We can simply assign that datatable a value like this using assign activity
Yourdatatablename = New System.Data.Datatable

Hope this would help you
Cheers @Urvin_Sanghavi