Download UiPath Remote Runtime on standalone studio enterprise edition

Hi , i have uipath enterprise edition (standalone studio).

Am i able to download UiPath Remote Runtime? Because i read that you can only download it from the cloud platform but since this is standalone studio version, it doenst come with a cloud platform account.

Hi @jack.chan !
Interesting, from what I read here it says that you might contact the technical support.
In our case as we are in community I suppose that maybe @Pablito might know how to have the element ?

Hi @Hiba_B and @jack.chan,
I think the mentioned Technical Support is a good start. If there will be any difficulties, please let me know and I see what I can do :slight_smile:

The issue @Pablito is that the technical support won’t hear from UiPath Community people because as for the input to create the ticket we need to provide an enterprise licence (thus, as Community users, we can’t fill it in :worried:)

Sorry, I didn’t get that. @jack.chan wrote that:

@jack.chan - is it the trial or something?

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thanks everyone, i have raised a ticket to technical support team and they have given me the installer.

Im using enterprise edition

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Great ! Then don’t forget to mark your topic as solved so people that have the same problem find your topic as the solved one ^^
Thanks Pablito :grin:


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