Delete record from excel

@lakshman thanks do you have any sample code

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I did it long back in one of the process and that to in client machine. So i don’t have any example workflow now.

Hi @Aditya10989

Since you have a large data set, I feel you can do the filtering and deleting part within the excel sandbox since it can handle large number of rows.

Either write a macro that can does this for you and execute the macro with UiPath
Or Do the UI automation to filter and remove the cells.

Macro is the most advised way and the best way for efficiency and stability,

This article will help you do the macro part

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@Aditya10989 Due to large amount of data it may take time using uipath to read the data and process it . Instead of that write a python code to process the data and invoke it in uipath . It will complete the process in sec so its better to use that .


@Aditya10989 Let me know if you want any help for python code .

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Hi @Aditya10989,

I have developed new activity called “Delete Row” . It deletes the contiguous row.

Below I have show the screen shot of the design. (31.1 KB)


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@balupad14 thanks for this right now I am open application DeleteRange I am getting error “Error Detecting project version”.
I instal, the package in my what I need to pass in property in Find activity and Delete Rows activity…?

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thanks for help can you please suggest me how to execute macro in uipath…?

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You can use the execute macro activity for that

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@Varun_Raj I searched on google How to create macro in uipath. for this we need to create macro in every excel sheet.Excel will changed every month end.We need to apply macro in every excel sheet So never Client create a macro for every excel sheet.


You can create one excel and write the macro and save it as “xlsm” file and use it to execute the macro on the different excels.

You just need to refer which execute the macro should execute on in the macro source code with help of

Workbook function.

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means I need to copy the excel data and pasted in macro excel file …?

Not necessarily, assume macro file as your source code. You can use that to perform operations on different excel files.

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@Varun_Raj I think client not agree with this look for another solution

Any specific reason for that? Because it’s a very common practice in RPA.

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I am not client need to change any thing or not…?
Actually every moth end client need to execute excel sheet that sheet contain around 4-5 lakh record.I will create macro for one excel and for other excel how can work this…?

Create a macro file and place it in a folder called “Macros”.

Every month you get a new excel file, place it in a folder called “Processing” and move the macro to that folder and execute the macro.

After macro execution delete the macro file in “Processing” folder and move the excel file to where ever you want.

Hope this helps.

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you mean to create a separate macro and execute this for excel and remove zero.Then excel file process in uipath…??

Yep, that’s right.

If you have more excel operations, I suggest to do that with in macro itself.

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I need to pass condition in criteria1 what I can pass.My requirement is I need to remove all those value which amount is almost Zero

eg remove value like .01,-.01,0.00 consider value like -253,$.1

means consider those value which is -ve in int only remove those value which which 0 or decimail value