Data Table Column in a Data Table

Can anyone help me understand use of the Data Table Column within Build A Data Table activity?


Does anyone have any examples of it that they are able to share?

Really struggling to find just 1 working example / tutorials on this.

Hi @qwerty1

why to have datatable columns within a datatable? thats really bad i think, you can just have those 3 datatables in separated variables, if you want to create a variable which contains lot of datatables, maybe it could be a DataSet type, it will allows you to contains lots of datatables

dtGroupedServers - a datatable with cols and rows - representing GroupedServers Data
dtMain - the datatable as shown in your screenshot

If you are looking for the following:
defining within the Build Datatable wizard a row which adds dtGroupedServers onto the GroupedServers

then: this is not supported by the wizard.

As mentioned / shown in some other topics discussed with you. Xou can do the following:

  • defining a new row / using Add DataRow
  • loop over the prepopulated dtMain and update the column by assigning the value e.g.
    Assign activity: YourRowLoopVar(“GroupedServers”) = dtGroupedServers

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