Create Pivot Table Differences and the way to find in the Activities Panel

Hello Everyone,

Can someone please help me to understand, how I can get the below Create Pivot Table Activity. I would like to perform the Pivot on the Data Tables.


While I am searching for the Create Pivot Table Activity in Studio I am able to see the below one, which does not help for the scenario.

Can someone let me know How can I get the Pivot Table activity with Headers Options that I can Add and Remove.

Much appreciated for your kind reply in advance.


Did these threads helped us in this

Cheers @winningvish

Hi @Palaniyappan,

Thank you very much for your reply.

A bit confused, How I can get the Create Pivot Table Activity from the activities panel which will allow me to Add Header Names, Header Areas and Function.

Does this activity is available for the current version of UiPath Studio?