Copy sheet error UIPath

I tried to use a copy sheet activity but I am getting an error , any idea how to solve this ? Thanks.

Copy Sheet: Unable to cast COM object of type 'System.__ComObject' to interface type 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel._Workbook'. This operation failed because the QueryInterface call on the COM component for the interface with IID '{000208DA-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}' failed due to the following error: The application called an interface that was marshalled for a different thread. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8001010E (RPC_E_WRONG_THREAD)).


Hope it helps

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Hi @ecaballes , I only need to copy sheet from the same excel file.

I think copy excel sheet is not supporting for 2013 excel version. @AhmedKutraphali

I am using excel 2016 bro

I think you can use write range
see sample below
Main.xaml (7.8 KB) test.xlsx (10.5 KB)

i see,
This is Excel Bug,

for workaround

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do you have any idea or alternative ?


Hi @AhmedKutraphali

Did u tried to copy the sheet using Balareva activitiy?

there is no copy sheet in activity in Balareva . just copy workbook