Copy Data from one excel with Specific filter and pasting to another sheet of same excel

I searched forum but i didnt get appropriate answer.

I am working on a Excel that has 4 column and 100 of rows in it.

I have to Divide Excel into Multiple Sheets on the basis of filter.

Have a look at the (54.6 KB)

Hi @ChitraPal

Can you tell me criteria on what basis you wants to filter data?


On the Basis of Department

@ChitraPal Find the attached zip below. Inside “New” folder u will get the workflow. (57.3 KB)


If you have fix number of departments, you can

  1. Read full data in single DataTable
  2. No of Criteria, That many times filter data table
  3. Open Excel in excel scope
  4. keep adding sheet and write range.
  5. Close all done

Another approach

  1. Read all data
  2. Create list of data table
  3. Based on criteria fill all Datatables
  4. loop data table list inside excel application scope, add new sheet and write data.

Hope this will help :slight_smile:


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Hi @ChitraPal,

Can you take a look. This will help you.



Thanks alot. this was very helpful. :slight_smile:


Hi @balupad14,

Actually, Add sheet Activity is not able to create another sheet into the same excel in which we are working.
This activity is able to add sheet into another excel, though.

Harshit Goyal

Hi @harsh497,

Thank you for your feedback. I explained about the Add sheet activity in the video. The purpose of the activity is that to add sheet in same excel file. For your kind ref : I have attached the video for you with the sample.
Sample: (7.5 KB)

Video :


Hi @balupad14,

Sorry, I might have not been able to explain well may be but I meant that If I am already reading and working with an excel file through read range in Excel Application scope and then within that excel only, I am not able to add another sheet using Add Sheet activity.

Harshit Goyal