Connect to mongodb

Hello everyone!

I am looking for an example to connect uipath with mongodb or other way to do it.

I have read that invoke code activity does not support c# lenguaje and I am not sure that mongo connection can be established using vb .net code.


The newest version of UiPath supports C# in the Invoke Code activity, though I believe it’s still an experimental feature. Alternatively, you can write a custom activity in C# and then use that in UiPath to connect to your database.

I am not expert in mongo and maybe this question can be ridiculous,
can mongo connections only be established using c#? I ask for it because I don´t have the newest uipath version so in the invoke code only is supported

I’ve never used it.

A quick google search indicates that you can connect with
Check the tutorial here.

Yes, C# can be used.