Can't use SetOrdinal in InvokeMethod

Hi All,

I want to change my data table column order using Invoke Method. I have follow the steps however I keep getting error “Data Column does NOT have public instances method name SetOrdinal”

I put my code in this link, since I’m still new user and unable to upload attachment:

Please help for fixing this issues, much appreciated the help

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Check as below post of my response

Hope this helps you



SetOrdinal requires a parameter , indicating the new position:

the validation method was indicating that there is not SetOrdinal Method with the given Arguments
As the argument was missing, so the error came up.

do following:

click on the … to open the configuration editor of the parameters
assign as shown the new index fot htis moved column


Thanks @ppr
Didn’t realize on the parameters. Thanks for your help, it solved the error

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