Can't filter the date using the data wizard


I’m trying to filter rows from a data table, with date > “2017-30-12” but i don’t got any result.

Did anyone know why ?


Filter DataTable only works with STRING data type column.
For other data type (int, date), you have to use other way as For Each Row or expressions

Hi @Doanh , Do you have the expression that fit in an if activity ?

This is not remotely true.

What is the datatype of the Date column?

@Hadrien_Poquet, Please ensure DataType of your date column is DateTime.


Sorry it’s my mistake.
In this case, how can we extract structure data to a datatable variable with datetime type column?


You can try this
Assign dt_WorkItems2 = dt_WorkItems.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(x) CStr(x(“Description”)).Equals(“Verify Account Position”) And Convert.todatetime(x("Date).ToString) >= Convert.todatetime(“2017-12-30”)).CopyToDataTable

To use CopyToDataTable method, you need to add System.Data.DataSetExtension library

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