Assist with python

Hi Team, @Adit2917, @supermanPunch
Hope you guys are doing great!
My problem: I am passing file path inside python script. After that it will return data frame. like

output = tables.export(FilePath +“.csv”)
return= output
Uipath throwing error: “Get Python Object: Error converting Python object”
My flow:

Can you share any dummy workflow?


Hi @Jesmine,

I think it is the python script which is the cause here.

As I said in the above post and links in them, it is important that you refer to a function in your Python script. I am assuming that your method is called “read_pdf” from the screenshot.

Can you also share a pseudo code of your python script?

@Jesmine , As the Error States, it is due to the Wrong Type being Selected as TypeArgument in Get Python Object Activity.

Could you show us or let us know what was the Type used ?

@Jesmine ,

The Conversion from Python DataFrame to c# Datatable most probably cannot be a direct conversion.

We would require to convert the dataframe in Python to a Json String and return the string, then Deserialize the String to Datatable in the workflow.

Below post Explains the Conversion :

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