Append 2 Different Datatable

Hello, supposedly i have two datatable each with different column name (no same key at all but have the same amount of row)
valueAA | value AB | valueAC |
value BA | value BB | value BC|

valueCA | value CB | valueCC |
value DA | value DB | value DC|

i wanna have an output like this
valueAA | value AB | valueAC |valueCA | value CB | valueCC |
value BA | value BB | value BC|value DA | value DB | value DC|

I’ve tried the merge activities but the output i got is the datatable appended as row. As you can see i’m trying to append the second datatable as a column(with each respective value) for the first datatable. Can someone tell me how to acomplish that?

Thank you.


We can use JOIN DATATABLE activity where you can pass two dt and get the above output with FULL join method

Cheers @ramadhani.sheffi

we can do it with a side by side merge (not using merge datatatable activity)

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Thank you for the solution! It works like a charm.

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