Zoom in and out in Expression Editor

I know this is not a critical question but I accidently zoomed while in the UI Path Studio’s Editor window for an Assign activity and did not know what keys I hit to cause this to happen. However, I found it helpful while note taking. Does anyone have any idea what caused this. It did not involve changing the 100% feature on the bottom right of the screen.


Ctrl + Scrolling will zoom in and out of the expression editor window.

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Also Ctrl +/- for Zoom in/out

Thanks for responding, the Ctrl +/- works in the Design screen for my workflow but when I click on the ellipses and into the Editor window it does not zoom in or out.


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Thanks, it does work with a mouse wheel which I just connected. I still can’t replicate the feature without the mouse and just using the keyboard. But it’s not important since I just needed it for documenting my lessons.

MaryB, I’m back to my lessons. LOL!

Ohh … for Expression editor it does not work.

But since you are documenting, you can do it in the same way like,
Double Click on the expression editor window to maximize it. OR
Use Ctrl + Scroll for Zooming the content in it.

I hope you have already got this and worked upon. :sweat_smile: