Zip 문의

현재 Studio 19.10.4 버전을 사용중입니다.

zip, Unzip 액티비티가 없는 상태입니다.

zip을 할 Path와
zip파일을 저장할 Path를 알고있는상태 입니다.

어떤식으로 zip을 해야하는지 문의드립니다.

Hi @dooly031633

It seems that there is no officail package for Studio 19.10.04 or I don’t know about it.

You can use ZipFile Microsoft library.

  1. Please add System.IO.Compression dll to your project:
  2. Assign paths:
    zipFolder is the path to your zip file.
    unzipFolder is the folder you want to unzip your file to.
  3. Please use Invoke Code and write the following code

ZipFile.ExtractToDirectory(zipFolder, unzipFolder)


With the exact example I provided the input arguments should be like this. I will attach the file for reference as well.
Unzip.xaml (6.5 KB)