You need a browser which full supports HTML5 Canvas to run SpreadJS

Hi @sbotan,

I have tried it again but unfortunately, it does not work. I still get Text cannot be found error. It works perfectly when I use a default text but does not work for variables.
Below is my descriptor. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @Emmy_O
Sorry for the delayed response
In your case the Descriptor should be
“Target: Text: '”+myVar+"’ (443,28,48,12)"

AND myVar should be a String variable with a value like ProdNumber or ProductName or whatever you need at runtime.
For design it will matter if you have a default value for that String variable, but at runtime the actual value will be used.

Hope this helps

Hi @Emmy_O,

The key here is to watch out to the syntax: the [ ' ] followed by a [ " ] before [ + myVar + ] and then the [ " ] followed by a [ ' ] and to remember to use string concatenation [ + ] for your variable.

Let us know if it now works.

Hi @sbotan and @Bogdan_Sultana,

Many thanks for your help here.
I will give this a try and update you on the outcome. It will be a big relief if it works :smile: