You do not have the neccessary rights to access this application


when I try to access the Testmanger with a Specific AD User (User B) I am getting this error:
It is working with the admin user. User B has the exact same Roles as the Admin user, yet it’s not working.

Can anybody help?


Have a view on this thread

Cheers @armin.mueller

Hi @Palaniyappan,

I have already read that thread and checked the permissions:

I created a new non-AD User (User C) and the Access is working with the same configuration as for User B. The only difference is that User B is an AD-User.

Hi @armin.mueller,

When you are trying to access test manager URL using AD user, i believe there would be single sign on enabled already.

CAn you confirm that’s true?

And for non AD user, when you are entering username password specifically, it’s allowing you to log in?

Also, have you tried to connect test manager from studio directly instead of directly accessing test manager URL? Does it work?


Hi @sonaliaggarwal47 ,
yes SSO is activated for the AD-User. Its working on orchestrator but on testmanager I get the above error.
For non-AD-User it is working when I enter to credentials.
Connecting from studio to testmanager doesnt work for AD-User either.

Hi @armin.mueller,

Looks like some issue with AD user setup.

Can you verify if same AD user has been enabled to access test manager?