You do not have permissions to access Orchestrator in this tenant 214

How to import the user from AD to Orchestrator ?

Issue Description:

When trying to login to Orchestrator using the Windows account SAML the user is getting this error : You don’t have permissions to access Orchestrator in this tenant. Contact your administrator to request access. (#214)

Check steps:

First go to Orchestrator machine and check the event view logs :


Second check the Orchestrator->Users and search for the account (with red there is the icon for local user, with green there is the AD user )

Verify if the user is a local user or a user imported from AD

Resolution :

If the user is created as local user you will need first to delete the user account and then import a new user account from AD .

To import the user account from AD :

  1. go to Users tab from Orchestrator
  2. click on "+" and choose Add Directory User or Group
  3. add the Domain name of the AD
  4. search for the username of the user from AD and select the proper one from search drop down menu
  5. add the proper roles to it
  6. click on add
  7. clear browser cookies and cache
  8. retest

If the issue persist please share with Uipath Support the Orchestrator event viewer logs.