You ask, we listen

Every now and then I go to the Ideas section of our forum ( for inspiration) to see what out community’s most voted requests are. And looking at that list now, I have to say I am so thrilled to see that the 2 of the most requested features have been implemented in 2019.6:

  • Coding in C# instead of VB.Net (67 votes)
  • Multiple assign activity (43 votes)

So thank you for sharing your ideas and voting on them, letting us know what’s most important for you!

We do our best to listen and react to your requests, and the fact that in just one monthly release we were able to check 2 of the most requested items speaks volumes!



Hello Bogdan,
thank you very much for your ears :slightly_smiling_face:
Listening and to take ideas from the community into your product is not a matter of course.
Best regards


Since I am not able to create a new topic in the “User voice” area, I am writing it here, hope my wish is heard :slightly_smiling_face:.

Could we please have an activity of “Element NOT exist”? It’s quite useful to use with “Retry scope” activity.



Hey Serena,

We’ve restricted creating a topic in Ideas category to trust level 2 or above so it doesn’t get populated with other topics, unrelated to the category scope.

Anyways, I have created the topic for you and added you as a owner. Check here: New Activity - "Element NOT exist"


Thanks a lot ovi!

@ovi: I can’t reply to the topic you created. Or did I miss something as I don’t see any reply button?

Hi @Serena

You should be able to reply to it now :slight_smile:

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