You are not authorized! (#0) popup on Jobs page after upgrade to Orchestrator v20.10


We recently upgraded to Orchestrator v20.10 LTS, and some of our DEV reported that when they clicked on “Automations” or when they click on “Jobs” they get a pop up with the message “You are not authorized! (#0)” I checked in our Sandbox and I was able to replicate the pop up. Their role only has the “View” column selected for jobs, and nothing selected for processes column, this means that when they click on “Automations” it default to the “Jobs” page. But once on the Jobs page they can change folder and the pop up does not appear.

Now we’re just wondering if this is a bug or an annoying feature. Because technically they have the right to view that page, but we also understand that this page could allow them to run processes, which they don’t have access to do… so we could understand if this was a warning to advise them they can’t run anything from this page, but the pop up isn’t clear on what they’re not authorized to do.

Just checking to see if others are seeing this after their upgrade, and if we could get any clarification as to if this is a bug or not. Didn’t open a ticket as the pop up message doesn’t affect any functionality.


Hi @jeanfrancois_ferguson

I saved your feedback so that our Orchestrator team can have a look. It might be that a simple update to the message sets the user expectation accordingly.