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I’m using a google translator to study and communicate here on the forum.

I am a student in the RPA starter course. I created the currency quote automation on the day and total sales in dollars sent by email, I made an automation just like the automation of the course video.

There is a problem I am facing, I have not been able to solve it yet, I need your help to continue learning.

In the name of the excel file the current year is not coming, in the email in the email subject field the current year is not coming.

Image here: ano-excel — ImgBB
Image here: uipath — ImgBB

Please tell me what I have to do to solve this problem. I am very curious.

Hi @edu141415 Eduardo!
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If you are more comfortable asking in your native language, you may find this section of the forum very useful:

As far as the date format is concerned, the dateformat string is case-sensitive.
The format you should ideally be using is “yyyyMMdd”

  • y - lowercase to represent year
  • M - uppercase to represent year
  • d - lowercase to represent year

For example, if you used ‘m’ in lowercase for a date, it would return minutes of the datetime variable because the MM stands for month, while mm stands for minutes, as in hh:mm:ss

I hope this helps.

uipath is selecting the date string. where do i have to go to fix up? I will make a video to show.

You’re right. In case of StudioX it’s probably showing up as YYYYMMDD for easy convention (yyyyMMdd is kinda technical, honestly :stuck_out_tongue:)
Might I suggest you check the Excel spreadsheet to see if you can change the display date format? For example, if it’s something like 17-May, change it to a standard DDMMYYYY format and see what year information is present in the original data.

I kept looking for the solution.
I went to the control panel, region and changed the layout of the date to start with the year after the month after the day.

Automation now sends the email with the correct year.

I saw that the day appears wrong, today is November 16th. How do I fix this? The file appears as September 23.

Video evidence: uipath day is wrong - YouTube

@edu141415 - I am confused. How come 11\16 is printing as 09\23 ??? something doesn’t add up here.

Could you please share you xaml file?

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@edu141415 - Click on the “Open Project Folder” by Clicking Project Menu, as shown below.

image .

You will find the xaml file here.

Aaaaa I understand now.

I saved the automation and put the file in the cloud, follow the link: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

@edu141415 - Thanks for sharing the file. I was able to figure out the problem from your video. It’s simple, your Project Notebook has the wrong date.


I had done the same exercise while going through the academy courses, when I opened the Project_Notebook.xlsx file, It is showing today’s date clearly.

. I will share my xaml file. (127.3 KB).

Please let me know, if you can figure the problem.

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I understand your explanation, thank you.
Where do I find this project notebook file? This file only appears to me when the automation starts to run. I want to delete the project notebook file to see if the program creates a new file with the correct date. I don’t remember creating this project notebook file manually.

@edu141415 - Whenever you create a new project, this file will also be created along this. By default it should be on the same folder(unless you changed the location) where you found the xaml.


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@edu141415 - Were you able to fix your problem? If yes, can you please mark my above post as solution.

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