Xml name expected error in send outlook message

When I try to enter html code in body of the send outlook message,I get the error as “XML name expected”

This is the message I try to enter into the body of the outllook email message

"<!DOCTYPE html><head><title>UIPATH test email</title></head><body><p>Hi,<br/>Hi this Is Test email From UIPATH<br/><a href="https://forum.uipath.com">Click here</a><br/><br/><p></body>"

I get the error as “xml name expected”.I have enabled the isbodyhtml checkbox also.


paste this as it is, and let me know if it works.

<p>Hi this Is Test email From UIPATH</p>
<p><a href =www.uipath.com>Click here</a>" 

Make sure the “IsBodyHtml” button is check, check example below:



Yes.It works.Thanks so much.

@suchitra.nagarajan, you are welcome, please close this thread by marking the above as the solution.

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