Xml file Opened as an Excel - Automation using UIpath

I have an XML file which can be opened as an Excel workbook, It contains fields , which are connected to xml attributes, I need to enter values into this file how can we automate this using UIpath?

1)I have tried Excel Application scope, but since it is an XML format file, it will not detect the file and none of the excel activities can be used.
2) I Tried changing the xml file to xlsx format and made some input into the document and tried saving it back as XML file, but since the file has lost its xml properties while file conversion, I am unable to save it back as an xml.

I need this file only in the xml format as the target application accepts this file as only .xml files

Hello @ahilesh.madangopal,

have you tried to modify XML document directly?
You have a lot of Activities which you can use for XML.