XMAL(xpath,XMLNodes) to web register

Can anyone HELP. I am new to XML and Uipath. I am stuck half way.
I am trying use 10 separate XML files from a local machine and register to website one by one and then write the output to an existing notepad , with customer name and status (as ‘done’) I have to get this two different ways: Xpath and XML mode. XML_(XPath,XML Nodes)Reg.zip (196.9 KB)
I will really appreciate your help with this practice

I hope you are able to register successfully, if so, can you provide the output whatever you are getting so that I will parse and let you know

Thanks so much. attached

Can you please confirm customer.xml is the file in which you are getting the output data @Hary? In that you have to parse the XML and get the value of customer. correct me if I’m wrong

Thanks Hareesh. that’s right. I forgot to change that before i attach it. But that’s not issue. I want to loop it for 10 or 20 files.

You mean you want to get the customer for 20 files @Hary?

Here is the workflow which will retrieve the first name from the XML

Switch.xaml (5.1 KB)

You can give the dynamic text in the deserialize XML activity

If the 20 files are in the same folder, retrieve them using Directory.GetFIles(“Path”) and loop through them. Then read all the files using read text activity and pass the output variable to deserialize XML. Then it will give you the output for all 20 files :slight_smile:

Showing errors

Install UiPath.Web.Activities @Hary

In the manage packages, search for the above in all packages

I remember installing the same twice before. I don’t know why it’s missing from the installed packages. I am using Studio 2019.8.0. Don’t know why. I don’t want to use the XML dynamically. how would you use Directory.GetFIles? Iam new to this:smile::smiley::

Getting lost…

Have you installed that package in this project @Hary? It is different for all the projects as they will have their respective project.json files for respective projects

I hope you are storing the output of each request in a xml file and they are in a single folder. That’s why i asked you get all those files using the above and retrieve the customer name from them