Xebia URL status check

Hi all,
I am using Xebia.URLStatusCheck.Activities to get the status code of the 1000+ URLs one by one.
but the results which is it providing are not very fast it is taking more than 20 hours to get the result of all the URLs and sometime the bot is stuck and not moving further nor giving any error or exception.

Please find the package which I built using Xebia and HTTP request activity.

IPortal_URLCheck.1.0.16.nupkg (63.1 KB)

I tried to downgrade the version of the activity still no response.
Can someone please tell me what am I missing here and what could be the possible solution.
And just to let you know all, previously the results were getting generated easily and more fast.

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@Shubham_Varshney any chance you could help with this?

Hi @Pradyumn_Agrawal1
Let me look into this and get back to you!!!

Can I get a sample file for the same…

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External URLs Exporter_Temp - Copy.xlsx (63.4 KB)

So this process takes the attachment from the outlook and then starts processing the URLS one by one

Hi @Shubham_Varshney
Did you got the chance to check my query ?

Hi @Pradyumn_Agrawal1

I did look it up, seems like some of the website in the sheet are taking a huge response time to respond. As we have kept items in default and retry mechanism it takes longer to respond thus the delay.

In Webexception Block :The operation has timed out

Do let me know in case of any further query.

Hi Thanks for the reply,

This part I was already aware that the it is going into webexception block.
Can you tell me what could be the possible solution? or checking the URL with Xebia URL status check is the right approach ?