.Xaml Performance

I have found an issue that has been troubling me for a while.

In a project, we use a workflow that has to be changed when need to suit our needs and it’s invoked in a Main workflow.

The issue is that if I change it in my machine (toolVersion 2018.2.3) it runs fast in my machine, however if I use the one my colleague changed (toolVersion 17.1.6435.21855), it runs very slowly in my machine.

The thing is that the code is EXACTLY the same. Anyone knows how to solve this, please?

So, if you edit a workflow with 17.1 it has a poor performance, in Studio? And of you use 2018.2.3 it works fine?

Yes. If I edit with 2018.2.3 and run with 2018.2.3 works fine.

But if it is edited with 17.1 and run in 2018.2.3 it performs poorly.

However if it’s edited with 17.1 and executed in 17.1 it performs well.